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How should the hydraulic system enter the air?


The failure caused by the air entering the hydraulic system, the obvious symptoms of the failure are power drop, abnormal noise an…

Explanation of several important cnc processing terms


What is pulse equivalent, positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, FMC, FMS, CIMS in cnc processing?(1) Pulse equivalent…

Geometric Angle Characteristics of CNC Machining Tools


The most direct and effective way to reduce machining costs is to effectively apply turning and machining different parts of CNC t…

Method of processing aluminum alloy to avoid deformation of parts


Aluminum alloy is an important industrial raw material. Due to its relatively small hardness and large thermal shrinkage coefficie…

How to clean and maintain precision hardware parts


The purpose of cleaning hardware parts is to remove surface stains. Different cleaning fluids need to be selected according to the…

Several common errors in mechanical parts processing plants


There are several common errors in machining. Do well and avoid these errors, so that the quality of the processed parts can be im…

Classification of hydraulic valves


The hydraulic valve is an automation component operated by pressure oil. It is controlled by the pressure oil of the pressure dist…

What is the principle of hydraulic valve block


(Hydraulic valve for short) is a control element in the hydraulic system, used to control the pressure, flow and flow direction of…

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